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Printer Demo Offer

Not sure if the printer is right for you – you can try it out for free by taking up our offer for a FREE DEMO. Here’s how it works.

You must provide us with your details by creating an account.

This is so that we know who we are dealing with. This applies to EU locations only.

You can use the printer freely in your process.

If you need help during this period we are always available for help and advice.

By the end of 10 days you should decide if you want to keep the printer, or if you will return it to us within the 14 day period allowed for in our agreement.

You should confirm a pre-authorisation equivalent to the sales price of the goods on trial.

The amount is debited to the card after the 14-day trial period has expired.

If returned within the trial period no charge is made to your card.


Equipment loan is entirely at the discretion of T-Mark and depends on product availability and our assessment of commercial viability.
Return shipping is at the cost of the recipient of the loan device.

Only the published return addresses on the T-mark.eu web site are valid for returns.

Ink consumption: an initial ink supply will be provided with the printer, and this can be consumed without cost, provided the used cartridge is returned with the goods.

If the printer is eventually purchased, the price of the ink cartridge is included in the sales price.

Bentsai B30 printer

Bentsai B30/35 Hand Held Printer

New! A hand printer with 1", 25.4mm print height. Prints with single HP 1" cartridge, either aqueous or solvent based.

Bentsai B85 printer

Bentsai B80-85 Hand Held Printer

Mobile printer with 100mm high, high resolution print effect. Uses 4 x 1" HP cartridges, synchronised by encoder wheel.

Sojet V1H handheld thermal inkjet printer

Sojet Handheld Inkjet Printer Elfin V1H

Hand-held inkjet printer, single cartridge, 1/2" print height. Scan-to-print firmware, and intergal scanner in the device.

Sojet Dragon D1 handheld printer

Sojet Handheld Inkjet Printer Dragon D1

Hand-held inkjet printer, single cartridge, 1/2" print height. Touch screen interface; same firmware as Elfin controllers family. Prints high resolution text, logos and bar codes.